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I help people get healthy and reach their goals in life! In Life Amplified, you will find successful strategies to nourish your body and your soul. I share proven approaches to optimize your and your loved ones’ health by taking care of YOU first. When we are filled up we can give to others! I am a believer in core strength and core values, and share spiritual insight and truths I have learned along the way and will teach you to apply it to your life. Topics we will discuss range from nutrition, exercise, motherhood, social media, spirituality, supplementation, homeschooling, marriage, and parenting! 
From Depressed and Stressed to Confidant and Strong! 
My Story
 I had a stressful couple of years when we first moved to South Africa from the USA. We moved 6 times in two years. During this time we had our 6th baby. After she was born, I started to struggle with my health. I was exhausted all the time, couldn't seem to drop any baby weight, I was ill frequently and developed some conditions related to a compromised immune system. I was also struggling with depression. We traveled to the USA for our furlough, we were on 18 different airplanes, and our two youngest children weren't sleeping due to time zones and jet lag. Our baby was breastfeeding around the clock. I honestly felt like I wasn't going to make it.

A couple of friends from our church had been talking about a supplement and I was following their stories online. At first I was skeptical but something in me was drawn to what they were saying. They experienced a range of results from increased energy, weight loss, getting off prescription medications such as anti-depressants, lowering cravings for sugar, reduced headaches, etc. The list went on and on! I decided to try it for 4 months to see if it would help me. It was a HUGE leap of faith to do something for myself! I think moms often put their own needs last, and I was the same.

After about two weeks on these supplements, I got up one morning after another sleepless night. I realised I wasn't even groggy and I had energy to go for a run! I used to run but when the babies started to come that got less and less. I went for a run AND had energy for the whole day. I also realised that I wasn't having the extreme lows of depression I struggled with and my moods were stable and balanced.

My appetites changed and I no longer wanted the sugary foods I used to crave. I also didn't want carbs and chose foods high in protein. I was full quickly and had no temptation to overeat. These were very significant changes!

After about a month inches started falling off. I continued to lose weights, for a total of 36 lbs. I could feel my blood sugars evening out, my BMI is coming to where it should be. I feel so, so good. 
Better than I have in years. I would have struggled to admit depression was a problem for me, because as a Christian I thought Jesus should be enough. But I realise that my body needed help, I was nutritionally deficient in many areas, and my hormones were out of whack. I am grateful for this supplement and it has benefited my whole family. Our lifestyle is changing to become more active, more balanced nutritionally, and i feel I can project a better example of a woman for my 5 daughters and son to model themselves after. 

I didn't intend to sell this product; however it worked so well and as I started to share my results with friends, people started coming to me. So Gert (my husband) and I decided to bring it with us to South Africa. We opened a warehouse and have recently expanded the line of products available to purchase.

I personally feel every mommy needs some kind of supplement! I call this my Mom Fuel. This is the very best and easiest thing I have found. It is worth every cent. Three years later, I have kept the weight off and have never felt more confident and strong!
Life Amplified
A leadership Experience
Talk about Coaching
Amplified Academy
After 7 years of being a successful 6-Figure earner in the network marketing industry there are so many things I have come to love and honestly, things I DON'T love. It's easy to talk about the things that are so amazing, but what get's tough and mostly swept under the rug are the things that are truly a challenge for MOST network Marketers.

I could write a book, but instead I want to build a new community and culture to break the chains and old patterns that no longer serve in this space. 

A famous saying in network marketing is "You're in business for yourself, but not by yourself", but the truth is there have been times I've never felt more alone over my journey and I know i'm not the only one. That gets to change NOW.

We avoid the challenging things like...

-When your up line isn't supportive 
-You wanna make a company change 
-Team challenges and personality conflict
-Network Marketing Culture and Scarcity Mentality

I'm sure there are a few of your own you could add to the list, but as Christians in the this space we get to be trend setters not the followers of the world. 

Jesus came to show us the Love of God and how to serve people and that's what we get to do. No matter if it's upline, downline, sideline, crossline or an entirely different company... There is room for everyone to win!

How can we show up more like Christ in the the Network Marketing Community as a whole?

Maybe you feel

  • ​Frustrated, alone, unsupported and want to tap into a heart centered network marketing community (No matter what company or team you're on)
  • ​Stuck, burned out, disconnected from your team, family, or community and want to be inspired to take bigger steps towards new goals 
  • Home/work balance has been a struggle and want it to be a key priority, but have no clue how to create that
  • ​Want to pursue Christ to create prosperity without it costing you everything and getting caught up in the hype and industry pressures
  • ​Stagnant or stuck, not being able to Rank Advance and want to connect with others ready to mastermind and plug into each others abilities and talents
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I set up an entirely free section of my website where I will post videos, and eventually my blog post, to share with you what I have learned, skill I have picked up, and what is currently going on in our lives. we are still uploading, so keep coming back for more. :-)
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